Aristocraft “Dash-9”

Simple Retrofit

Modifying an ‘Aristocraft dash 9” (Figure 1) with a XXL decoder.
The locomotive has head lights front and rear, Ditchlights and Positions lamps and a smoke generator.
To keep the conversion effort relatively simple, the existing interface is used as much as possible.
The smoke unit is switched using a relay due to its high power consumption.
It may be operated by a F-button and by the existing sliding switch.
In addition, the Ditchlights flash and are switchable. The Position lamps are allways lit.

Figure-1: Aristocraft “Dash-9”

Required parts:
1x 8153001 XXL-Dekoder
1x 8150501 DCC Interface cable (for LGB® & Aristocraft® interfaces)
Additional cable (minimum 0.25mm²)


  • Remove the roof around the smoke generator.
  • Remove 6 screws and remove the electronics.
  • Connect the interface cable to the decoder as per Figure 2. Anschluss_XXL_/_XL_/_XLS_an_Aristocraft_Schnittstelle
  • Remove the dummy interface connector and connect the decoder (Figure 3). Use the arrow to ensure the correct orientation of the decoder interface connector.

Figure-2: Decoder Plug connections

  • Connect the relay for the smoke generator:
  • Solder 2 wires (Figure 3: 2 x blue) to the “SMOKE” switch and connect them to the switched terminals on the relay as per Figure 4.
  • Connect the relay coil to the decoder “+ 24V” and A1 terminals. (Don’t forget the protection diode!) as per Figure 4.

Figure-3: Relay wiring for smoke generator

  • Connect a single cable from the decoder A2 terminal to the board to switch the Ditchlights (single blue cable in Figure 3). Remove the “Ditch Lamp” “Jumper”
  • Configure the decoder to the recommended settings. Check the settings and the wiring.
  • Secure the decoder and reassemble the loco.

Additional Note:
The loco requires approximately 2.0 amps (with lighting and smoke) when idle. With a large load and on a climb that grows to 5.0 amps.
Therefore it is prudent to use XXL decoders for locomotives of this size.
See the topic: Determine current needs!

Required Programming:
The smoke generator is switched via the A1 output with F1 (CV54 = 1)
The Ditchlights be connected via the A2 output with F2 (CV56 = 2)
The Ditchlights blink 2x per second (CV57 = 2)

Thanks Mark Munday for translating.

Enhanced retrofit

In addition to previous instructions a S decoder and a pulsed smoke generator is connected here.

Additional needed parts:
1 x 8413501 Pulsed smoke generator
1 x 8412901 Tubeset
1 x 8222100 S-Decoder Diesel Universal (if needed, preprogrammed with AMD 103 Genesis (US Diesel loco) Sound)
A suitable sound is in progress and will be published.
1 x 8312001 MiniCT Decoder cable 2-pole (300mm)
2 x LGB Screws 3x18mm
2 x Spacer sleeves 9-10mm

The connection of the relais is not used here!

Retrofit of the pulsed smoke unit:
Remove from PCB mounting board as shown in figure 4 the bridge.
Then mount the pulsed smoke unit that the unit output align with the rectangular opening.
Mark the 2 mounting holes at the PCB mounting board.
Drill it with appr. 2,8mm.
Mount the pulsed smoke unit like shown in the picture.

Figure-4: Modification of the PCB mounting board

Now cut from the 12mm tube a piece with a length of 18-20mm.
Mount the tube like shown in figure 5.

Figure-5: Mounting the tube

Retrofit of the S-Decoder:
Normally in the locomotive is already an 8 Ohm loudspeaker preassembled.
Therefore, solder the 2 pole cable with Mini-CT to the speaker connectors.
Mount the S Decoder like shown in figure 6 with the adhesive tape.

Figure-6: Retrofit of S-Decoder

Both the pulsed evaporators as well as the S decoders are now connected in accordance with the instructions to the track.
You can find the track connection on the outer pins of the interface plug.

At S decoders no further change is (except the locomotive address) needed.
Please set following values to the pulsed smoke unit:
CV 15=0 First lock every programming
CV 15=160 Disable programming lock on pulsed smoke unit
CV 49=2 Massoth configuration without SUSI
CV 50=0 DIP Switch off, set configuration with CV to Diesel mode
CV 64=80 Decrease fan speed on drive
CV 15=0 Set programming lock