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With its 28-pin Märklin Gauge 1 plug-in interface the eMOTION XLS-M1 is a derived eMOTION XLS Sounddecoder. The XLS-M1 supports the Märklin train bus which has been used in the LGB ALLEGRA for example. Special functions (light, pantographs, etc.) can easily be remapped up to F28 to the customers desire. The XLS-M1 is compatible with LGB MTS, supports serial an parallel functions, is optimized for analog operation and offers easy function mapping. Direct connection for Power Buffers, loudspeaker and Volume Control are included as well. The XLS-M1 may also be used as a replacement for other gauge 1 decoders, such as ESU®, KISS®, ZIMO®.

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Powerful 3 Amp sound decoder (up to six audio channels) with 8 function outputs, suitable for up to two motors, for track 1 LGB/Märklin interface.

eMOTION XLS-M1 is the newly developed sound decoder, directly pluggable into the LGB/Märklin Spur 1 interface. An eMOTION XLS-M1 sound decoder combines a driving decoder with a correspondingly powerful decoder output stage (3 amps) for up to 2 motors and a particularly high-quality sound output stage with 6 usable sound channels. Simply plug it into the interface, no additional wiring. In addition, 8 switching outputs and 2 contact inputs round off the functional range of the sound decoder perfectly.

Thanks to more than 30 years of experience in the field of sound modules for model trains, the new eMOTION XLS-M1 sound decoders also offer optimum analogue and digital driving characteristics and also provide the sound function from just a few volts, especially in analogue operation. This is an argument in favour of the eMOTION XLS-M1 sound decoder.

Of course the eMOTION XLS-M1 sound decoder supports the full NMRA DCC functionality. Thanks to automatic detection for LGB® MZS systems, the eMOTION XLS-M1 sound decoder is also suitable for all generations of the LGB® MZS multi-pull control system (supports serial functional data).
A multifunctional interface is integrated. Depending on the configuration Massoth/LGB, SUSI and especially the Märklin train bus (e.g. LGB Allegra) can be activated.
With special CV settings, the Märklin train bus function can also be used for MZS II with up to 8 functions.

ORIGINAL SOUND in digital quality
The eMOTION XLS-M1 sound decoder reproduces the authentic sounds of a locomotive in high-quality digital quality. For this purpose, sound recordings are made directly on the model and then adjusted in the sound laboratory for the electronics. The eMOTION XLS-M1 sound decoders have a total playback time of up to 145 seconds. This enormous storage volume is sufficient to provide the sound decoder with various additional sounds. The volume of the 4 sound phases can be adjusted independently of each other:

  • activation phase
  • stationary noise
  • deactivation phase
  • driving noise

State-of-the-art technology and the latest procedures allow new software to be loaded directly via the programming track. This guarantees updateability for the future without various generations of programming devices and also ensures the programmability of new and future sound decoder generations.
A sound or firmware update is only possible via the PC module (8175201)!

The eMOTION XLS-M1 Sound Decoder is listed under item number 8215100 eMOTION XLS-M1 Steam Locomotive Universal.
Please specify which sound project you would like programmed on the decoder when ordering.

The list of available sound projects can be found here.



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