Connection XXL / XL / XLS at Aristocraft Interface

The interface consists of two socket strips, of which however only one is used (see locomotive instructions) Again, you can easily connect a decoder Massoth with the basic functions (motor + lights). You need a 12-pole pin strip, which is connected to the decoder according to the plan below. The interface is symmetrical except for the two inner pins 6 + 7. The 4 external connections (track +/-) should…

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Connection XL/XLS at BRAWA Interface

You can also connect a XL/XLS Decoder to a Brawa Interface. Therefore you need two 9-pole plug connectors. Connect them like described below. Following special functions of the loco are usable. Light : Swiss illumination (3+1) in both directions. F1 : Light cabin F2 : Shunting lights (3+3) F3 : Smoke unit (CV115=3 parallel output F4 on key 3) Because of the higher amperage of the smoke unit F3+F4 are connected parallel. Alternatively,…

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Old 3pin Switch-drive

If you have old 3-pin Switch-drives from LGB, you can control this with our 4 channel-switching decoders. Here is a sketch how to connect it: The switching time should be set down a little in CV 51-58 (Value 66).

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Central Station 1200Z 8135001

Here you can find all needed firmware packages for your 1200Z Central Station. DiMAX Update Tool, use strictly for Central Updates!! Firmware in different languages Select your file from the different language packages. All versions need minimum V2.11 Firmware German/English 2.65 1200Z-V265_DE.dimax‎ Firmware Spanish/English 2.65 1200Z-V265_ES.dimax‎‎ Firmware French/English 2.65 1200Z-V265_FR.dimax‎‎ Firmware Dutch/English 2.65 1200Z-V265_NL.dimax‎‎ Firmware Italy/English 2.65 1200Z-V265_IT.dimax‎‎‎ Firmware Danish/English 2.65 1200Z-V265_DK.dimax‎‎ Firmware Czech/English 2.65 1200Z-V265_CZ.dimax‎‎‎ Changelog of the 1200Z…

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Swiss Backlight

Attached you can find a small circuit diagram with Schottky diodes, to realize a Swiss Backlight. Complete with switchable red light. The whole works only with LEDs! Licht Schweiz + rot.pdf Here with additional Shunting light: Licht Schweiz + rot+rangierlicht.pdf

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