Massoth Service Tool

You want to import a firmware update, configure a decoder or edit the sound project of a sound decoder? The Massoth Service Tool (MST for short) is the central configuration tool where everything comes together. With the logically structured interface, the different functional areas can be clearly separated and allow easy and comprehensible work. With the practical online update function, the Massoth Service Tool always remains up to date. New decoder profiles, firmware updates and sound projects can be downloaded and updated in the corresponding product at any time using the online update function.

The MST supports all previous DiMAX Central Station (8136501, formerly 8135001, 8136001) and DiMAX PC Modules (8175201, formerly 8175001, 8175101) via the respective existing interfaces such as USB, for the older devices the serial interface and the possible update interfaces such as DiMAX digital bus, track update and FastUpdate.

The Massoth Service Tool is included as a Massoth Service Stick (USB) as standard with the DiMAX Central Station 8136501 and the DiMAX PC module 8175201. In addition to the MST, this also contains all current user manuals, printed materials, and drivers. The Massoth Service Stick is also available separately under part number 8175901.

CV Editor

Probably the most used tool in the Massoth Service Tool is the CV Editor. Depending on the selected decoder, the configuration scope is displayed with different tabs separated by topics. With a mouse click, the desired settings can be made comfortably and then written to the decoder. Of course, a single CV read and write function is also available, as well as a tabular CV table.


All components are supplied with the latest firmware via the firmware area. It does not matter whether a bus component (e.g. feedback module, radio receiver, navigator, etc.) is updated via the bus connection or a track component (e.g. locomotive decoder or sound decoder) via a track update or a FastUpdate (SUSI connection). All functions converge centrally in the DiMAX PC module 8175201 and are automatically performed correctly depending on the selected component and firmware file.

Sound Projects

In the sound area you will find all known Massoth sound products and the available sound projects. Using the update function, these sound projects can be imported into the connected sound product both via the FastUpdate (duration approx. 7 minutes) and via the classic track update (possibly necessary with very old components). A sound project editor allows you to listen to the individual function sounds and, for the computer professionals among the customers, also to edit them. This gives you the option of incorporating sounds used in the sound project with your own sound sequences (e.g. a special announcement, a special noise, etc.).

The Massoth Service Tool is protected by copyright. Please note that the use is only allowed with Massoth products (e.g. Central Station and PC module) and the designated bus and track components. With download and use you agree to these terms.

You can download the current version of the Massoth Service Tool at any time via the following download link. To keep the file size as small as possible, this version has no firmware and sound project files. These only need to be downloaded after installation on the PC.

MassothServiceTool2108 – Massoth Service Tool (21/08) – FTDI USB drivers (usually not required)
991085_BDA_MST_1510_DE.pdf – Users manual MST german
991085_BDA_MST_1510_EN.pdf – Users manual MST english
991111_BDA_MST_SOUND_1711_DE.pdf – Users manual MST Sound Editor german
991111_BDA_MST_SOUND_1711_EN.pdf – Users manual MST Sound Editor english