8152601 eMOTION 10FX Function Decoder


The new 10FX servo decoder is an innovative further development of the long proven and versatile 8FS/8FX decoder generation. It offers sufficient current reserves for the ten function outputs with a total current of two amps, which are also suitable for analogue operation, to control up to four servos, two decouplers or pantograph drives and other consumers with a wide range of functions. In addition, a voltage buffer is integrated to ensure that the servos and decouplers run more smoothly. These performance data leave nothing to be desired.

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Equipped with the latest software and ten function outputs, the eMOTION 10FX replaces the previous function decoders (8152001 eMOTION 8FL and 8156501 eMOTION 8FS). With a total current of two amps and a fully integrated servo power supply, the 10FX provides an excellent basis for all conceivable digitizations. It has four servo connections – two of them for precision servos – two amplified outputs with three-pole MiniCT socket for decouplers, pantograph drives etc. and four amplified standard function outputs. An oscillating function for e.g. a steam locomotive bell is also integrated. The function outputs allow the programming of special lighting effects such as boiler fire, neon tube, US Mars-light and many more. A voltage buffer is already integrated to buffer the servo switching peaks. A separate buffer connection for powercaps is also provided.

The eMOTION 10FX function decoder appears under the part number of the previously planned 8FS II servo decoder. All pre-orders can thus remain valid.

Important note: Low-priced servos work with an analog voltage as reference value for the position. The disadvantage of this is that each start-up of a connected load leads to a brief drop in the supply voltage. This in turn means that other servos may move because of the fluctuating reference voltage. So when selecting your servos (preferably digital servos) you should pay attention to their intended use.

Since 13.01.2021 the eMOTION 10FX is delivered with firmware version 3.1. An update to this version cannot be performed with the Massoth Service Tool / PC module and is only possible at the manufacturer. For this purpose, please send your function decoder by mail to our service department.

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