8315208 Traction Tires Ø46,5mm (8/pack)


Traction Tires Ø37,5mm (8/pack) compatible with LGB 69104, E126174

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In 2021 we replace the former red traction tires 8315105 (Ø37,5mm) and 8315205 (Ø46,5mm) with 5 pieces each in the scope of supply by new, transparent traction tires in original manufacturer quality, as they are used also with garden railway manufacturers ex factory. Due to the larger packaging unit with 8 pieces, the traction tires can be offered at an even more attractive introductory price of now each only UVP € 9.95 incl. VAT per packaging unit. The material is subject to color variations.

Traction Tires Ø46,5mm (8/pack) compatible with LGB 69184, E131368