Changeover of Massoth rail connectors

We hope you have all had a good New Year and wish you a healthy and successful New Year.

Right at the beginning of the new year we would like to inform you about a small but important change in our assortment:
With the popular brass rail connectors we replace immediately the brass-plated high-grade steel screw by a bright high-grade steel screw.

Why are we doing this? For various reasons: Last year, rail connectors with simple brass-colored steel screws that did not come from our company appeared on the market again and again. These cheap steel screws rusted within a few weeks. This led to uncertainty among retailers and end customers.

A second reason is the process of refining the brass-plated stainless steel screw. Since there are no brass plated stainless steel screws as standard and this chemical process is carried out specifically on our behalf, we have decided to discontinue this process in the future – which will ultimately also relieve the burden on the environment. This makes it relatively easy to distinguish a genuine stainless steel screw from a simple steel screw: Stainless steel screws usually have a fine and shiny surface, whereas the simple steel screw is matt and blunt (blue galvanized). It does not make an electrical difference, because the current flow characteristics are almost identical. Once the brass rail connector and stainless steel screw have been used outdoors for a few weeks, the natural patina on the connectors will cover the brass and no difference will be visible.

(Picture shows rail connector with rusty non-stainless steel screws)

We are convinced of the high and flawless quality of our rail connectors and are sure that we will continue to support the quality product from our company for the benefit of our customers.