8152501 eMOTION 8FS Servo Decoder


The decoder requirements grow permanently as garden railroaders like to have their locomotives to be equipped with all kinds of interesting features. Especially when it comes to movement functions a servo is absolutely necessary. For this reason the 8-channel 8FS servo decoder offers direct servo function and Uncoupler connection including an integrated servo power supply. A separate POM programming address offers individual programming any time. Maximum load 500mA.

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For the first time, the 8FS servo decoder offers the possibility to control servos directly, because the required 6V fixed voltage controller for servo operation is already integrated.

For the first time, a separate programming address is also available.
This means that the 8FS can be programmed separately (POM) at any time, even when installed.
Servos and uncouplers can be connected to 8 logic outputs.
A wide variety of lighting functions can now be programmed with it.
A connection option for voltage buffer buffer buffer control) is also provided.