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Since its introduction the eMOTION XLS is the favorite G-Scale Sounddecoder to go for. 18 solid screw terminals make the XLS a universal companion. Components like clock, reed switches, loudspeaker, Power Buffer, SUSI, etc. are just plugged-in after the decoder has been installed. A total motor current of 3.5 amps fits almost any 2-motor locomotive. It offers digital an analog operation. All sounds projects are available with its own item number as a factory default including the required loudspeaker.

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Powerful 3 Amp sound decoder (up to six audio channels) with 13 function outputs, suitable for up to two motors.
Now with connection socket for decoupler or current collector drive. Lift clamps are now used to facilitate the clamping of the cables.

eMOTION XLS is the new term and functional standard in sound decoding. An eMOTION XLS sound decoder combines a driving decoder with a correspondingly powerful decoder output stage (3 amps) for up to 2 motors and a particularly high-quality sound output stage with 6 usable sound channels. A standard that has been used in Massoth sound modules for many years. In addition, 11 switching outputs and 4 contact inputs round off the functional range of the sound decoder perfectly.


Thanks to over 30 years of experience in the field of sound modules for model trains, the new eMOTION XLS sound decoders offer optimum analog and digital driving characteristics and provide the sound function from just a few volts, especially in analog operation. This is an argument in favour of the eMOTION XLS sound decoder.
Braking via break on DC is also possible (braking via a specially polarised DC voltage.

Of course the eMOTION XLS sound decoder supports the full NMRA DCC functionality. Thanks to automatic detection for LGB® MZS systems, the eMOTION XLS sound decoder is also suitable for all generations of the LGB® MZS multi-pull control system.
An LGB control or Susi interface is integrated.

ORIGINAL SOUND in digital quality

The eMOTION XLS sound decoder reproduces the authentic sounds of a locomotive in high-quality digital quality. For this purpose, sound recordings are made directly on the model and then adjusted in the sound laboratory for the electronics. The eMOTION XLS sound decoders have a total playback time of up to 145 seconds. This enormous storage volume is sufficient to provide the sound decoder with various additional sounds.

Item-Nr. MP3-DEMO Sound
Steam loco
8210014 Industrial field steam loco
8210015 Tender Steam loco
8210018 Franzburg
8210019 US Steam loco 2-6-0 Mogul
8210021 Stainz
8210025 US Steam loco Forney/Columbus
8210026 HF 110 Rail tender loco Frank-S
8210027 Rh 3/4 RhB Heidi
8210047 Cog wheel steam loco
8210050 Box steam loco
8210071 Model range U
8210074 1C 99-5633 Spreewald
8210076 DR 99-5001 Kleine Dicke
8210078 Corpet Louvet
8210080 1C1 99-6001 HSB
8210081 1E1 99-222 HSB
8210084 BB Saxonian IV/K
8210085 DR-Mallet C’C
8210087 Mikado Steam loco
8210088 Uintah Steam loco
8210092 Garratt
8210098 Saxonian IK
8210099 Saxonian IIK
8210100 Small steam loco narrow gauge
8210110 HSB 99 5901 Mallett
8210120 HSB Fiffi + Pfiffi
8210130 1E1 99 7234 HSB Harzbulle
8210140 Steam loco Wolfgang Richter
8210200 G 4/5 RhB Steam loco
8210210 G 3/4 RhB Steam loco
8210300 Shay
8210310 K27/K28 US Steam loco
8210500 BR01 / 03 / 012
8210510 BR 80
8210520 Mikado SNCF
8210530 BR 64 “Bubikopf”
8210540 BR 24
8210550 BR 95 “Bergkönigin”
8210800 Rügen D-Coupler
Diesel loco
8220006 LGB Gang Car
8220041 RhB Tractor
8220049 AMD 103 Genesis
8220051 V51 / V52
8220052 2091.03
8220055 US ALCO DL535E
8220057 US F7A/B
8220059 HF 130
8220062 Switching Diesel Kö
8220063 Caterpillar Switcher US
8220066 VT133 Anteater / Railbus /
8220090 Köf Switching Diesel
8220091 Light railway Diesel Loco
8220093 Kö Switching Diesel HSB
8220096 ÖBB 2095
8220100 Small Diesel loco narrow gauge
8220110 T3 Diesel Railcar (needs firmware 3.0!!)
8220120 V3
8220130 T1 Diesel Railcar
8220210 Gm 4/4
8220300 GP9
8220310 SD70 MAC
8220500 BoBo Universal Big Diesel (V200)
8220510 BR 218 DB V160
8220520 Railbus VT98
8220530 V60
8220540 KLV20 (VW-Bulli)
8220550 V100 (BR 199) Harzkamel / BR 204
8220560 Köf Switching Diesel DB
8220570 VT11.5 TEE
8220580 X5800 Railbus
8220590 T478
8220600 V36
8220610 BR132 (Ludmilla)
8220620 BR118
M62 Taigatrommel (Download only)
Electro Loco
8230022 RhB Allegra
8230031 DB BR 101
8230035 Streetcar (historical standard Darmstadt)
8230038 New Orleans Street Car
8230039 RhB Railcar
8230040 Ge 6/6 I RhB (Crocodile)
8230042 Ge 4/4 III RhB
8230043 Ge 4/4 II RhB
8230045 Ge 2/4 RhB
8230075 DB E 10
8230100 Small E-Loco
8230200 Ge 6/6 II RhB
8230210 Ge 4/4 I RhB
8230220 Gem 4/4 RhB (needs Firmware 3.0!!)
8230230 GE 4/4 RhB Bernina Crocodile
8230240 RhB ABe 4/4 II
8230250 Ge 4/4 III MOB
8230260 Ge 4/4 III RhB (incl. 100 Years Jubijodler)
8230510 BR 182 Taurus
8230520 Inter City Express (ICE III)
8230530 BR 194 DB Crocodile
8230540 BR 103 / E03


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