8293001 eMOTION Melody Module


This brand new eMOTION Melody Module meets lots of customer needs and wishes. It is a programmable sound module with up to 12 sounds, which will bring your layout to life, playing cows, sheps, goats, horses and pigs as well as church bells, station announcements, and many many more. The possibilities are unlimited.

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With the Melody module, which can be operated both analog and digital, the model railroader has a low-priced sound module available, which is equipped with up to twelve sounds of animal voices and noises from train stations and villages when delivered. In conjunction with the PC module and the free “Massoth-Service-Tool” (MST) software, the user can easily install the sound projects listed below and, of course, carry out future updates. In addition, users can add their own sound projects to some or all of the sounds on the Melody module. This allows, for example, your own dog to be heard barking in the model landscape.


In addition to permanent installation in buildings, installation in a vehicle (e.g. a closed freight car) is also an option. This type of installation makes it possible to use it anywhere on a siding track or in a freight train for example. If the wagon is standing in the station or village, church bells or station announcements can be called up. For example, animal voices or the working noises of the track construction grotto are used on a tamping track for loading wood outdoors. In the latest firmware version (V 2.10), an F key can be used to activate a random generator and previously defined sounds can be heard automatically at intervals.


With the current firmware, the Melody module receives further functions. Especially the random generator should be mentioned here. This can be configured with two stored sounds, which are then triggered automatically. At the same time all sounds can be triggered manually. As usual with Massoth, the whole thing can also be started analogously or automatically when power is switched on, so that the random generator starts automatically even without manual activation. The latter is especially helpful for fixed installations.


Using the MST Sound Editor the Melody Module may be personalized with your own favored sound sequences.


Please note that the Melody module is delivered without speakers. When used in a rail vehicle, the additional installation of the eMOTION Powercab 8151601 is recommended.


The standard sound project 8293001 is installed on the Melody module as delivered. All other sound projects are available via the Massoth Service Tool (MST) and can be downloaded by the user:

  • 8293001 Universal (default sound project as delivered)
  • 8293002 RhB Control Car (german)
  • 8293003 RhB Bernina Express (english)
  • 8293004 HSB Brocken Railway
  • 8293005 USA universal
  • 8293006 Christmas
  • 8293007 Saxony
  • 8293008 Snow plough, universal (various snow plough noises, incl. RhB Xrot, etc.)

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