Pantograph + XLS + OnBoardAdapter Ge 4/4 III (2x42x)

As always the question arises, how to digitize a Ge 4/4 III with pantograph control, enclosed in the picture the necessary additional parts: 1 x Onboardadapter 8150701 1 x SUSI – LGB Onboard 4-wire 200mm 8312075 1 x Special Adapter cable 1 wire as shown in the picture. In case of need you can also cut the plug and connect the 1 cable as shown in the picture to…

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Length of bus cable

The maximum length of the bus cable depends on the cable used! For a non-shielded telephone cable, it is a maximum of 20m. For a CAT 5 or CAT 6 cable the length is almost unlimited. Whereupon a special bus amplifier is needed.

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Infrared: Stop in a single track station

Stop in a single siding track As an example for a train stop in a single siding track or station. Additionally on pull in or out the bell will start from the decoder Note: In this example we use a signal, that doesn’t exist. You don’t need a signal to use the functions! Please program the IR-Sender as follows: CV 32 = 5 (Address of the signal) CV 41 =…

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Infrared: Shuttle operation

Simple Shuttle operation with two stops As an example we will describe here a simple shuttle operation with two end points. The locos will stop in the station and will start after a fixed time. Please program the IR-Sender 1 as follows: CV 32 = 1 (Address of the signal) CV 41 = 5 (Automatic) CV 42 = 4 (Shuttle forward) CV 45 = 15 (15 Sec. stop) Activate it…

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