Infrared: Shuttle operation

Simple Shuttle operation with two stops

As an example we will describe here a simple shuttle operation with two end points.
The locos will stop in the station and will start after a fixed time.


Please program the IR-Sender 1 as follows:

  • CV 32 = 1 (Address of the signal)
  • CV 41 = 5 (Automatic)
  • CV 42 = 4 (Shuttle forward)
  • CV 45 = 15 (15 Sec. stop)

Activate it with switch address 1 left key (on LGB switch command right button)

Please program the IR-Sender 2 as follows:

  • CV 32 = 2 (Address of the signal)
  • CV 41 = 5 (Automatic)
  • CV 42 = 6 (Shuttle forward)
  • CV 45 = 15 (15 Sec. stop)

Activate it with switch address 2 left key (on LGB switch command right button)

Mount the IR-Sender as shown. Calculate a sufficient braking distance when installing the sender.

Please program the IR-Receiver as follows:

  • CV 1 = 64 (Loco address, here value 64)
  • CV 29 = x (Values must be identical to the loco!)
  • CV 31+32 = Please program here a “Reset Address” to set the state of the signal to green.

You can find additional notes here

Connect the receiver (with SUSI) as described in the manual.
Important! Activate in the decoder SUSI (CV 49=18)

Set up the locomotive between the two senders, which moves it forward to the right.
Start forward.
When loco 64 is pass over the IR-sender 2, the loco will stop for 15 seconds.
Then the loco starts off in the opposite direction to IR Sender 1.
Again, the loco stops for another 15 seconds and continues to run in the opposite direction.
To deactivate the shuttle operation, switch both signals to green (right)

Shuttle operation with 3 Stations

As an example a Shuttle operation with 3 stations.
We assume W1 is electrically connected via decoder


In this example the train 1 will drive from from station A to station C. Then it will drive back to station A.
On arrival of train 1 in station A train 2 will start with a short delay to station C and back to station B.

Please program following values:
Feedback module

  • CV 52 = Switch address
  • CV 55 = 1 (Switch mode)
  • CV 53+54 = Time value (Should be longer than the opposing train for the return journey + waiting time in station B needs. Maximum 3 minutes are possible)

IR Sender

  • CV 41 = 5 (Special function Automatic)
  • CV 42 = 4 or 6 (Shuttle forward/backward, depending on how the locomotive goes out of the station)
  • CV 45 = Delay time in station (Time minimum until the switch has switched!)

IR Receiver

  • CV 29 = Same as decoder

The braking distance results from the set roll-out value in the decoder and the speed.
If all signals are red, turn off a station (A or B-) manually to green and then turn to red.