Infrared: Reset Address

Here we wan’t to describe the Reset address (CV31+32).
You can set this in the IR Receiver.

Following example:
You drive on your layout until the signal red, the locomotive stops.
You take your locomotive off the track and pack it up.
At a guest layout you put your locomotive on the track, but the locomotive is blocked by a red signal from the previous trip!
Now you need the Reset address.
As an example we set this address to 99.
Please turn on the switch command 99 to right, now the loco is unlocked.

Here is a calculation example for long (from 128) turnout addresses:
CV 31 = Address / 256 (Only the integer value)
CV 32 = Address – (CV31 x 256) (Calculate the value in brackets first)

The reset address can be set higher, but with a value less than 100 you can also reset this on older systems.