Changes in Sounddecoder from V3.5

Ergänzung zur Firmware Version V3.5

Pulse simulation:

The control of the pulse simulation has been fundamentally changed.
The following CV’s now have the function described:
CV 195 = Steam chuff per wheel rotation
CV 196 = Clock setting on slow speed
CV 197 = Clock setting on high speed

You have following choices in CV 195:
1 = 4 Steam chuffs per wheel rotation
2 = 2 Steam chuffs per wheel rotation

Ranges of CVs:

CV Wertebereich Bemerkung
195 1,2
196 0..240 0=Taktgeberbetrieb bei Dampfloks 0=Taktsimulation bei E-Lok und Diesellok
197 1..20

Please modify first the slow speedsteps with CV 196, until the clock strokes run reasonably synchronous.
Then modify with CV 197 the clock strokes at high speed.
Possibly you have to readjust at slow speed steps.

Programming lock:
The programming lock has been changed.
You can reset the programming lock with CV7=16.
On changing CV 16 , CV 15 will set with the same value.
If programming lock is set, an update is not possible!

Poti detection in analog mode:
The poti will be automatically recognized if you set them to maximum and start up.
Therefore CV 200 will be set to 255. Thus analog can be activated without the aid of Poti.

Starting inhibit:
If the starting inhibit on Diesel and E-Locos on CV 150 = 1 to 3 would be set, the loco will drive on deactivated sound (F5 off).