Massoth introduces 2.4GHz radio firmware version 2.0

The development team of Massoth Elektronik GmbH has used the past months intensively and created a new version of the 2.4GHz radio firmware. The new firmware with version number 2.0 has been comprehensively revised and offers decisive advantages, which you as a customer will notice especially through the high speed and responsiveness. In the background, however, even more has been done. Even though there were several reasons for the comprehensive revision, the development of a future-oriented radio technology was the top priority. Thus, with the further development of the radio firmware to version 2.0, a stable basis for the radio systems of the next years was created, which is characterized by a significantly improved speed and responsiveness on the one hand, but also by a high reliability and by a high range (outdoor up to 100m). Thus, nothing stands in the way of flawless operation with lots of driving fun. It is not without reason that the radio technology developed by Massoth is also popular and used by other manufacturers. To our great regret, the complex and lengthy development phase has led to some development projects having to be postponed or even cancelled. However, as we see the satisfaction of our customers as our top priority, we have consciously decided this.

As we can inform you today, the project is now finished with the availability of the firmware updates. We would like to encourage all users of the 2.4GHz radio system to make the switch to the new firmware. It is important that all components receive the new firmware update, i.e. the DiMAX radio receiver 2.4GHz (#8131001), the DiMAX radio transmitter 2.4GHz (#8131901, installed in the Navigator) and the DiMAX Navigator itself. The software update is now available free of charge via the Massoth Service Tool (MST). Components with previous firmware version 1.x are not compatible with version 2.x, but can be brought up to date by the update. Updated operating instructions for radio receivers and radio transmitters are available for download on the website

Update Guide for 2.4GHz components
As a small help for our customers, we refer to the „Update Guide for 2.4GHz components“. It explains in detail how to run the update. The guide is available on the product pages of the DiMAX radio receiver and DiMAX radio transmitter on the Massoth website.

Update service for end customers
If you decide not to perform the update yourself, we will be happy to do the work for you with our uncomplicated, convenient update service! Send your 2.4GHz components (Receiver 2.4GHz #8131001, Navigator with built-in Transmitter 2.4GHz #8131901 as well as the DiMAX PC module 8175101 and 8175201) directly to Massoth Elektronik GmbH.

For a flat rate of € 59,- (incl. 19% VAT) we will update your 2.4GHz components to the new firmware version and send them back to you postage free (within Germany). The same applies to PIKO 2.4GHz components. For customers from abroad, additional country-specific shipping costs will be charged. Please note that the update package for end customers includes a maximum of five (5) components. For each additional component we charge an additional flat rate of € 10,- (incl. 19% VAT). All sent in 2.4GHz components will be connected by radio after the update and will undergo a short function test. The personal locomotive programming is usually retained.