8150501 eMOTION XL-M1


Especially designed to fit the Märklin Gauge 1 Interface this Loco Decoder features 3.5 amps motor current and a 4.5 amps total current for two motor engines. Highlights: Functions from F0-F28 incl. bus mapping for Märklin bus functions, serial and parallel functions, connection for buffers (BufferControl), Overload and temperature protection for motor and function outputs. Updateable.

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Powerful 3 Amp driving decoder with 8 function outputs, suitable for up to two motors, for track 1 LGB/Märklin interface.

The eMOTION XL-M1 is the newly developed driving decoder, directly pluggable into the LGB/Märklin Spur 1 interface. An eMOTION XL-M1 driving decoder has a correspondingly powerful decoder output stage (3 amps) for up to 2 motors. Simply plug it into the interface, no additional wiring. In addition, 8 switching outputs and 2 contact inputs round off the range of functions of the driving decoder perfectly.

Thanks to over 30 years of experience in the field of decoders for model railways, the new eMOTION XL-M1 driving decoders also offer optimum analogue and digital driving characteristics. This is an argument in favour of the eMOTION XL-M1 driving decoder when comparing the market.

Of course, the eMOTION XL-M1 driving decoder supports the full range of NMRA DCC functions. Thanks to automatic detection for LGB® MZS systems, the eMOTION XL-M1 travel decoder is also suitable for all generations of the LGB® MZS multi-pull control system (supports serial functional data).
A multifunctional interface is integrated. Depending on the configuration Massoth/LGB, SUSI and especially the Märklin train bus (e.g. LGB Allegra) can be activated.
With special CV settings, the Märklin train bus function can also be used for MZS II with up to 8 functions.

State-of-the-art technology and the latest procedures allow new software to be loaded directly via the programming track. This guarantees updateability for the future without various generations of programming devices and also ensures the programmability of new and future generations of driving decoders.
A firmware update is only possible via the PC module (8175101)!