Connection XXL / XL / XLS at Aristocraft Interface

The interface consists of two socket strips, of which however only one is used (see locomotive instructions)
Again, you can easily connect a decoder Massoth with the basic functions (motor + lights).
You need a 12-pole pin strip, which is connected to the decoder according to the plan below.
The interface is symmetrical except for the two inner pins 6 + 7.
The 4 external connections (track +/-) should be connected to the decoder with double cables as shown in the plan.
In these locomotives, even larger currents can flow, so that a cable would be overloaded.
The track is polarized according to the NMRA standard.
Therefore connect the connections +/- of track and motor as well as the light front / rear.
Thus, the locomotive is identical to an LGB locomotive.
When inserting into the interface, the polarity must be observed (arrow marking).
Pin7 leads to ground (dec-) and causes a short circuit if the connection is turned.
On the interface, the smoke unit is still connected.
This did not work with our Test loco (Dash-9).
Since the current consumption of the smoke unit is quite high, you should switch this over an additional relay.

When selecting the decoder, special attention must be paid to the current consumption of the motors. In most cases the installation of a high current decoder (eMotion XXL) makes sense.