UNCOUPLER: LGB 2x44x/2x45x Ge 2/4

The decoupling unit can be mounted with moderate modifications to the Ge 2/4.
Adaptations are necessary on the identical forerunner and follower.
The small plastic triangle between axle and coupler mount must be removed completely.
Subsequently, a wheel tire is drawn from the axis so that the axis can be separated from the plastic-molded part.
Now the axle bearing can be split in the center on the clutch side, so that the axle is exposed in the middle to a width of a good 1 cm forward.
After the axle has been mounted, the automatic decoupler has to be installed.

Here the changes for installation in a Ge 2/4 2x44x / 2x45x

Milled coupling holder

Fully assembled decoupler