UNCOUPLER: LGB 2x60x Schöma Diesel loco

In this model, both the front and rear gearboxes are in the way.
Vorne verfügt die Lok über einen relativ großen Getriebehalter. Dieser wird im Bereich des Entkupplerantriebes um gut 3 mm ausgefräst.
The front part of the gearbox is also cut out in the middle section. The rear gearbox is completely cut off in the area of the automatic decoupler.
Again, a small incision has to be made in the gearbox.
The small base behind the coupler mount is also flush with the coupler receptacle.
The gearbox is now held by two separate brackets on the right and left of the drive unit of the decoupler.

Here are the changes for installation in a Schöma diesel engine 2x60x

Milling for uncoupling front

Completely assembled decoupler front

Completely assembled decoupler rear