UNCOUPLER: PIKO 37540 Harzkamel

Here we describe the installation of the decoupler in a PIKO “Harzkamel”. With some skill you do not need to remove the gearbox or bogie. I did this only in the course of a gearbox inspection. First unscrew the original hook and then remove the snow plow. As shown in figs. 1 and 2, you have to cut away something on the bogie (about 2-3mm). So that the decoupler…

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UNCOUPLER: LGB 2x95x ÖBB Diesel loco

Our customer Mr. Tobias Zahn kindly sent us some pictures and hints for his conversion of his 21950. Here his notes: After first tests on my layout, I have heard a crack when the loco goes in and out of a R1 LGB radius. On closer inspection, it is noticeable that the new clutch remains attached to the bridge of the footboard at the front of the locomotive. This…

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UNCOUPLER: LGB 2x93x Shunting loco Kö / Köf

At the Kö / Köf type locomotive locomotive has already been designed very generously in the area of clutch engagement. On both sides of the locomotive, only a small opening must be cut into the rear wall of the clutch mount. Now the automatic decoupler can be installed both front and rear. Here are the changes for installation in a shunting locomotive Kö / Köf 2x93x Milling for decoupler…

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UNCOUPLER: LGB 2x85x Mallet

The automatic decouplers are also suitable for the C’C-Mallet from the LGB program. Small adjustments are necessary at the front and rear. At the front, the extension of the gear box must be separated in the area of the decoupler. This work can be carried out without hesitation, since this is not the actual locomotive transmission. At the rear, the plastic web is also refined in the middle so…

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UNCOUPLER: LGB 2x84x Saxonian IV/K

The installation of the automatic decoupler into an IV / K locomotive is more complex. At the front, the mounting base of the snow plow is exactly in the pull-in field of the decoupler drive. First dismantle the entire stem of the front bogie. The mounting base is completely removed and the snow plow is divided into two components. Also, the small ridge is removed in the middle between…

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UNCOUPLER: LGB 2x80x Steam loco DR 99 6001

The steam locomotive 99 6001, or ballerina, can be modified relatively easily for the automatic decoupler. The forerunner and the follower are identical, so the adjustments are identical in the front and rear. In each case, a small plastic triangle is removed in front of the axle mount. It is important to keep about 0.5 cm of plastic in front of the axle, otherwise the axle will not find…

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UNCOUPLER: LGB 2x74x Spreewald

On the basic model of the Spreewald-Lokomotive it is necessary at the front as well as rear small rework on the rail clearing and the leading axle. At the rear, the snow plow is separated in the region of the decoupler into two components. The middle cut-out plastic piece is no longer required. The two snow plow halves on the right and left side are now mounted with the…

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UNCOUPLER: LGB 2x60x Schöma Diesel loco

In this model, both the front and rear gearboxes are in the way. Vorne verfügt die Lok über einen relativ großen Getriebehalter. Dieser wird im Bereich des Entkupplerantriebes um gut 3 mm ausgefräst. The front part of the gearbox is also cut out in the middle section. The rear gearbox is completely cut off in the area of the automatic decoupler. Again, a small incision has to be made…

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