UNCOUPLER: PIKO 37540 Harzkamel

Here we describe the installation of the decoupler in a PIKO “Harzkamel”.

With some skill you do not need to remove the gearbox or bogie.
I did this only in the course of a gearbox inspection.
First unscrew the original hook and then remove the snow plow.
As shown in figs. 1 and 2, you have to cut away something on the bogie (about 2-3mm).
So that the decoupler housing is flush with it.
The connector on the decoupler is cut directly.

Fig. 1: Milling the bogie

Fig. 2: Milled bogie from the side

Now you have to make a semicircular milling on the front gear unit, so that the cable can by.

Fig. 3: Milling at front gearbox for cables

If you now take a long drill and drill it briefly on the drill chuck, you can drill a hole through the bogie for the cable from the bottom to the top.

Fig. 4: Drill hole for cable

Then the decoupler is mounted as described in the manual, the cable is plugged through and inserted into the existing motor cable slot of the base plate of the locomotive.

Fig. 5: Fully assembled decoupler with cable

Now you can connect the decoupler to the decoder as described in the manual.