TOTALLY EASY: Your Start with our new 2.4GHz firmware

With the introduction of the new firmware, the 2.4GHz radio components receive a fundamental update. For the conversion of your 2.4GHz DiMAX radio components, we would therefore like to make your start even easier with two different options:



The new firmware for your Massoth 2.4GHz components is now available. To easily perform the updates yourself, we have created an update guide for you. It explains in detail how to update the different components and guides you step by step through the process.

You can find the update guide online on the product pages of the DiMAX Navigator/Transmitter



For the most comfortable way to upgrade your Massoth equipment to the new firmware, we offer you an additional service. You just send your 2.4GHz components (radio receiver 2.4GHz #8131001, navigator with built-in radio transmitter 2.4GHz #8131901 as well as the DiMAX PC module 8175101 and 8175201) directly to us and we completely carry out all updates for you. For a flat rate of only € 59,- EUR (incl. 19% VAT) we will update your 2.4GHz components to the new firmware version and then send them back to you postage paid (within Germany).
The same applies to PIKO 2.4GHz components. For customers from abroad, additional country-specific shipping costs will be charged. Please note that the update package contains a maximum of five (5) components. For each additional component we charge an additional flat rate of € 10,- EUR (incl. 19% VAT). All 2.4GHz components sent in will be connected by radio after the update and subjected to a basic function test. The personal locomotive programming is usually retained.

Please contact our office via email or phone if you would like to take advantage of our PREMIUM UPDATE SERVICE.