Uncoupler: LGB 28001 Rügen Steam Loco

In the case of the plastic injection molding with the cylinders, small rework in the millimeter range is necessary. The component with the cylinders is hollow in the center and can be handled without any worries. After the appropriate adjustments, the decoupler can be installed at the front. At the rear, no adjustments are necessary, here the LGB coupler is exchanged directly against the automatic decoupler. Here 2 pictures…

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Pantograph + XLS + OnBoardAdapter Ge 4/4 III (2x42x)

As always the question arises, how to digitize a Ge 4/4 III with pantograph control, enclosed in the picture the necessary additional parts: 1 x Onboardadapter 8150701 1 x SUSI – LGB Onboard 4-wire 200mm 8312075 1 x Special Adapter cable 1 wire as shown in the picture. In case of need you can also cut the plug and connect the 1 cable as shown in the picture to…

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Length of bus cable

The maximum length of the bus cable depends on the cable used! For a non-shielded telephone cable, it is a maximum of 20m. For a CAT 5 or CAT 6 cable the length is almost unlimited. Whereupon a special bus amplifier is needed.

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Infrared: Stop in a single track station

Stop in a single siding track As an example for a train stop in a single siding track or station. Additionally on pull in or out the bell will start from the decoder Note: In this example we use a signal, that doesn’t exist. You don’t need a signal to use the functions! Please program the IR-Sender as follows: CV 32 = 5 (Address of the signal) CV 41 =…

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Infrared: Shuttle operation

Simple Shuttle operation with two stops As an example we will describe here a simple shuttle operation with two end points. The locos will stop in the station and will start after a fixed time. Please program the IR-Sender 1 as follows: CV 32 = 1 (Address of the signal) CV 41 = 5 (Automatic) CV 42 = 4 (Shuttle forward) CV 45 = 15 (15 Sec. stop) Activate it…

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