UNCOUPLER: LGB 2×212 Stainz

At the Stainz, both front and rear adaptations are necessary.
We recommend disassembling the gearbox as both sides must be adapted.
First of all, the middle web of the through-going cylinder component is first cut out.
In the next step, the front part of the gearbox is separated from the gearbox and cut out in the middle.
In doing so, the latching lug, which was previously locked in the gearing, is also cut out.
The front building is now screwed to the right with two screws to the stability with the gearbox.
Before the automatic decoupler can be installed at the front, the gearbox cover has to be cut out in the area of the drive of the decoupler.
At the rear, the first step of the transmission stem is split in the middle.
In addition, the plastic is slightly filleted behind the LGB coupling receptacle, resulting in a flat surface.

Here the changes for installation in a Stainz 2x21x

Milled coupling holder

Milled gearhead cover + snowplow

Completely assembled uncoupler at the rear

Completely assembled uncoupler front