UNCOUPLER: LGB 2x40x Ge 6/6 I Crocodile

The automatic decoupler is also intended for the Rhaetian crocodile.
In the crocodile, besides minor adjustments to the snow plow, it is primarily necessary to carry out subsequent work on the gearbox.
The small noes-piece on the snow plow has to be removed so that the coupling hook can move freely downwards.
In the case of gearboxes, the front web is first cut out in the gearbox.
Then the superfluous plastic webs are removed in the gear block in the area before the screw thread.
Finally, the gearbox cover is precisely cut out so that the automatic decoupler can be installed.

Here the changes for installation in a Rhaetian crocodile 2x40x

Milled gearing + snow plow

Milled gearbox cover

Completely assembled decoupler