With over 100,000 test cycles: The 8440012 & 8440022 pantograph drives are in series production

Dear customers,

We are pleased to inform you that the pantograph drives for 8440012 drive for single-arm pantographs (2/pack) and 8440022 drive for scissor pantographs (2/pack) are now in the middle of their production cycle. With well over 100,000 test cycles, the drives easily withstand the loads in the model thanks to the latest special motor. The motors previously planned simply did not withstand the loads in real continuous operation long enough. A total of 250,000 travels have already been achieved by the drives of the current series status in the 0 series. This means that we can undoubtedly claim to offer a high-quality and durable product with which you will have lifelong fun. We are currently working on the preparation of the operating instructions, so that we expect delivery soon, at the latest in September.

List of pantograph drive products:

  • 8440012 Drive for single-arm pantographs (2/pack): Suitable for retrofitting or as replacement for the classic pantograph drives of the LGB locomotives, such as LGB 2043x RhB Ge 4/4 II and LGB 2042 RhB Ge 4/4 III, but also the baggage car LGB 30692. The set contains 2 drives including the necessary mounting plates for the screw pins in the roofs of the LGB locomotives. The drives can be mounted directly in the roof with the help of the pre-assembled mounting plate without further processing.
  • 8440022 Drive for scissor pantographs (2/pack): Suitable for retrofitting a drive for scissor pantographs on LGB locomotives, such as LGB 2040x RhB Ge 6/6 I crocodile or LGB 2045x Ge 2/4. The set contains 2 drives including the required levers (in double version with 10° and 16° angle), which are hooked into the scissor pantograph and guided through the roof. For this a long hole must be made in the roof of the locomotive, the necessary template is included in the scope of delivery. The plastic boats for covering the slotted hole in the roof are also included in the scope of delivery.
  • 8440090 Mounting kit PIKO BR 103 (2/pack): If you want to use the drives for scissor pantographs (#8440012) in the PIKO BR 103 (#37440), you will need these mounting plates specially manufactured for the PIKO locomotive housing. Included in delivery are 2 mounting plates as well as the necessary fixing material. (item details will follow)

Connection of the pantograph drives:

In principle, the pantograph drives can be connected to decoders of all makes with a suitable function output. To do this, cut off the plug on the cable and connect the cable wires with the appropriate solder or screw terminal according to the connection instructions. However, this is very convenient with all Massoth eMOTION decoders currently on the market. These decoders, as well as our pantograph control (8410210) developed especially for the control of current collectors, have two connector pans in which the cable of the pantograph drive is plugged in – finished. It really couldn’t be simpler.