Connection XL/XLS at BRAWA Interface

You can also connect a XL/XLS Decoder to a Brawa Interface. Therefore you need two 9-pole plug connectors. Connect them like described below. Following special functions of the loco are usable. Light : Swiss illumination (3+1) in both directions. F1 : Light cabin F2 : Shunting lights (3+3) F3 : Smoke unit (CV115=3 parallel output F4 on key 3) Because of the higher amperage of the smoke unit F3+F4 are connected parallel. Alternatively,…

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Old 3pin Switch-drive

If you have old 3-pin Switch-drives from LGB, you can control this with our 4 channel-switching decoders. Here is a sketch how to connect it: The switching time should be set down a little in CV 51-58 (Value 66).

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Swiss Backlight

Attached you can find a small circuit diagram with Schottky diodes, to realize a Swiss Backlight. Complete with switchable red light. The whole works only with LEDs! Licht Schweiz + rot.pdf Here with additional Shunting light: Licht Schweiz + rot+rangierlicht.pdf

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Digitization of 2×430 for locomotives without interface

Here is a simple conversion suggestion for the old LGB-2×430 locomotives (Ge 4/4-II) without interface. With an additional 24V relay you can simply use the old pantograph control. The three-pole cable from the lower part to the upper part is removed. The electronics (motor control) in the lower part are replaced by the XL / XLS decoder. The white + brown cable is connected to the decoder via the…

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Digitization of old DUO-Locos (21900)

On several occasions, we set up a circuit here to digitize the old DUO locomotives with electric decouplers. The circuit was tested by me once on an XL decoder and worked and is in this form only for one drive usable. Nevertheless, I can give no guarantees for replicas, this is at your own risk. The circuit must be doubled for both drives. The function output of the decoder…

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Here we will explain how to realize a Ditchlight. A Ditchlight are 2 lights of the front light, which blink alternately when operating bell / horn. Here the circuit for a Ditchlight. The values of the resistors have to be adjusted. The following CVs have to be programmed using a XLS and when triggering the Ditchlights should take place on key 1: CV 113=1 (A3 at Key 1) CV…

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